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Five Surprising Activities That Will Make You Feel Young Again

Living in the city can be exhausting, especially the city that never sleeps. If your always on the go lifestyle is making you feel old before your time, you might need to tap into a new hobby or activity that makes you feel young again.

The expert in erotic body rub in Manhattan, Tantra Body Rub has some tips on surprising ways that you can get back in touch with your youthful side and feel full of energy again.

Activities to Feel Young Again


1. Talk to Friends

Experts say that when it comes down to choosing whether to eat a salad or meet a friend for a catch-up, it will actually make you feel younger and healthier to catch up with a friend. Regularly meeting with someone who makes you laugh helps your longevity and keeps you in touch with your younger side.

2. Get some sun – but not too much

A daily dose of vitamin D is surprisingly good for your system, provided you don’t get too much. We have become so worried about sun damage that most adults are actually lacking in vitamin D which is important for much of our body’s functions, including mental health and mood.

You should get around ten to twenty minutes of sun on your skin every day, but make sure that you lather on the SPF sunblock, which is another surprising thing which will keep you much younger than your years.

3. Exercise

If you feel tired and overworked then the last thing you probably feel like doing is exercising – but getting thirty minutes of light cardio in at least three days a week will actually give you more energy rather than less.

Studies show that older adults who exercise regularly have internal systems including muscles and immune function that are significantly younger than their peers. Just walking several days a week, especially if you get some sunshine at the same time, can have a very positive impact on how you feel.

4. Strengthen your Core

While it doesn’t feel like exercise as such, doing core strengthening exercises every day is another way to make your body look and feel younger. You can do these lying down, sitting at your desk or on the subway, or even while standing in a queue somewhere.

This helps your balance and posture as well as bladder control, among other benefits.

5. Erotic Body Rub

A little outside of the box, but highly effective at getting in touch with your younger self is participation in regular erotic body rub in Manhattan. You don’t even need to leave your home to take part in this activity with an expert that comes to you and is assured of renewing your energy and putting spring back into your step.

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© Copyright Tantra. All Rights Reserved.