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Tantra and Happy Ending

Let me help you in releasing your muscle tension and achieving the perfect harmony between relaxation and arousal.

Sensual massage for women

Experience 60 minutes

Tantra Massage

Experience 90 minutes

Tantra Massage Women

Experience Two Hours


"In the beautiful intimacy between man and women, all nature falls in love"

During the full-body sensual massage session, you can enjoy a body-to-body massage while relieved by slow, soothing strokes and touch. Full-body sensual massages are a relaxing treatment helping you experience increased physical and mental ability. They release tension in your muscles and renew your sensational energy, allowing you to relax and restoring balance in your body.

With all the advantages of a traditional massage, this therapeutic massage gives you a chance to savor an amazing experience filled with erotic pleasure and satisfaction. A sensual massage is a perfect introduction to a more private massage, offered in a passionate, loving environment. Treat yourself to a sensual massage that’ll leave you feeling energized and invigorated.

Tantra Massage Women
With all the advantages of a traditional massage, this type of therapeutic massage gives you the chance to savor an amazing experience filled with erotic pleasure and satisfaction. A sensual massage is the perfect introduction to a more private massage, offered in a passionate, loving environment. Treat yourself to a sensual massage that’ll leave you feeling energized and invigorated.
Tantric massage

Confidential Happy Ending Massage in New York

Enjoy a blissful experience that goes beyond relaxation at Tantra Body Rub. Special bodywork procedures help you reach orgasm, taking time to relax the body, soul, and mind.

Get a Tantric Massage to Relax Your Body and Mind

Feel loved and adored with an erotic massage in New York, specially designed for women to soothe their daily stress. Get the best self-care experience, unwind your entire body, awaken your senses, and surrender to the current moment.

Tantric yoni massage
Sensual full body massage

Take Care of Your Body with My Full-body Sensual Massage

I invite you to enter a realm of peace and love that will ease your daily stress and calm your anxiety, giving you refreshed energy. Experience an extreme level of arousal and relaxation.

Please note if you don’t want your yoni to be touched, that’s fine. However, with Tantra Body Rub, you’ll have complete privacy.

Women only! EMAIL OR TEXT 917-561-6561 Email rickmassrick@gmail.com  Available in 60-minute, 90-minute, and 2-hour sessions.
At Tantra Body Rub, we are committed to creating an environment that will allow you to relax – repair – and restore your body. We are confident that you will choose us to help you meet your health goals.



Before tantra with Rick, I harbored a gnawing feeling in my gut. Not good enough, not deserving, etc. Toxic emotions had a way of clouding my thoughts and consciousness. I knew I was in a rut and had no idea how to get out. I had a hard time focusing and finding meaning in my life. Rick changed all that. After our first session, I immediately felt an overwhelming feeling of love and balance. I called my close friends and family and told them I loved them! I had never felt so comfortable in my own skin.

Thank you!!


My experience with Rick was absolutely amazing. Rick has shown me that he is one of a very rare species of masculine; the kind of masculine that is emotional and willing to work through and process his emotions. He is sensitive and able to respect boundaries and has demonstrated an ability to emotionally hold space and be present in a very generous way.


The session was terribly relaxing, and as predicted, my nervousness diminished quickly. As he worked his way over my body, I surprised myself at how quickly I could be turned on, and how much I wanted it - long before he was ready to give it. I won’t spill his secrets, but Rick knows what he’s doing. He takes his time, and it was amazing to feel this way. It really was all about me.


Rick was an incredibly generous masseur. First he responded to my text quickly and scheduled me into his day, then he bumped it up to an earlier time which ended up being a half hour from when I contacted him, all for my convenience!


He had a very nice personality and was strong yet tender. I was welcomed into his cozy apartment and after using the bathroom was offered water. We then discussed my problem areas and got to work.


Every woman should experience this type of touch/journey at least once in her life. The minute I walked through the door of his extremely clean studio, he made me feel comfortable. With skill and patience, he peels every layer of inhibitions you may have. He senses your timing and even gives you room to breathe between happy moments. I will use just one word to describe his session: bliss. Stop thinking about it, and give yourself a nice gift! He will take care of the rest.


My experience was absolutely amazing... I came in not expecting to can feel the way I did. Just an out of body experience. Honestly, I was skeptical about how legit this was... perhaps because it was hard for me to believe that there is something like this available for women. But when I met Rick, his demeanor was extremely professional, initially and throughout the experience, and I was at ease with the feeling that this was all for me. Thank you for the experience.


It was a pleasure to experience a tantric massage with Rick. I have been researching for a couple of years but was never convinced until I found him on Google. I contacted him, he gave me the assurance I needed to go forward. Rick is very patient, very calm, flexible and willing to listen to what you want.


What an amazing experience! I didn't know what to expect but didn't expect what I got. I left feeling exhilarated which lasted until the next day! This is something all women should try at least once and/or make a part of their pampering routine.


I recently spent a delicious afternoon with Rick. His "magic" hands put me right where I needed to be, "in la la land!" Rick is a very sweet, very polite guy. Not assuming but definitely ready willing and very able! Can't wait to get back to NYC.


My tantra experience with Rick was healing, transformational, and sensual beyond words. He has a true gift of sharing his deep masculine energy coupled with an exquisitely gentle therapeutic touch. He reawakened my divine feminine energy with vigor and brought me back to appreciating the goddess within me. I feel more enlightened, alive and graceful in my body than ever before. My creativity is flowing and my heart open. Thank you, Daka, for sharing your gift with all of us goddesses

    Women Only!!

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