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The Healing Power of Tantric Touch

There are numerous healing techniques available today as well as locate Tantra massages that are offered as a type of healing or therapy.

What’s this “healing” really all about? What is it? Tantra massage really be a valid method of offering this?

What are the signs of healing?

The goal the purpose of Tantra massages are not to heal however, it is to help you discover the person you truly are. In the end, Tantra is a path of spirituality which aims at revealing our divinity. Yet all of the is said about spiritual awakening may seem like a fairytale when you’re suffering from issues like pain and illness that keep you focussed and focused on the physical world. Thus, a process of healing is typically required before the soul is able to begin the process of awakening and begin an adventure of spirituality.

Healing is necessary when someone is suffering from an issue, challenge or a ache in their life. It could range from an illness that is physical, to emotional pain, mental disorder or trauma from childhood or later on in life. Life-force energy is constantly flowing through our system. If this energy becomes blocked and a blockage develops, we may get sick or feel a certain pain or mental stress.

The state of health that is natural to our body is a state of equilibrium, and when the energy gets blocked, we begin to lose this state of equilibrium. The goal of our Tantra massaging is to return people to a healthy balance which allows healing to take place in a natural way. Because when you offer your body the proper conditions, it will know how it can heal and get back into a state of balance within.

Healing within the tantra body rub
We don’t claim to be healers that can treat all types of illnesses or ailments that people suffer from. We have however assisted and witnessed some remarkable healings take place on our mattresses over the time. We have met many who suffer from issues with regards to sexuality. This could be related to erectile disfunction or premature ejaculation in men’s case, while for women, the issues may be due to pelvic floor pains, frigidity or difficulties in creating love in one way and the other. Tantra massage is great for thisas it can assist the flow of energy exactly where it became stuck. The erotic energy that is allowed to flow freely can often resolve the majority of issues that arise with sexuality. ( Read more about the Erotic Energy in this article)

The intention behind Tantra massages isn’t to heal but rather to help you discover the person you truly are.
How do we accomplish this? We first offer plenty of rest. It is commonplace for people to feel stressed. When we’re stressed or anxious the energy can’t flow freely and because of this, blocks, tensions that are acute and even persistent pain could be created. The first step to healing is to let go of tension to ensure that our body is able to let go of any kind of tension and anxiety. When the body is relaxed and the body’s consciousness begins to expand. This may provide people with the opportunity to see a larger view and perspective, or the opportunity to discover something about their own lives. They realize the things they could do to clear the blockages that create disharmonies in their bodies that could lead to illness.

Another step in Tantra massage is to connect the client with their own heart. As we have mentioned, the body is able to heal itself. It is the heart that performs the self-healing. Both the physical heart that connects the various parts of our body, as well as it is the sub-conscious heart. This heart that is subtle is also known as our heart center or it is also known as the one that is the chakra. Its role is to synchronize all things, and bring everything in balance. If we’re centered within our heart it is possible to be in a state of balance and that balance creates harmony.

The third option is to be open to a bigger heart, or what we call the universal heart. the universal love energy that is a part of all us. This love energy works as an amazing healer. Masseurs consciously tune to this source of unending energy and channel it via our fingertips. We give the other this universal love by our hands, and when truly allow love to flow through our hearts there are many imbalances that are re-aligned. Once we are back in our hearts, we begin to live in the moment and in the present moment, everything happens in a way that is balanced.

There are many instances that Tantra massage can have miraculous healing effects. People who didn’t think of the results and didn’t have a goal of healing have found the relief of their pain or issue that they had carried for years was finally cured. Let us give an instance of a couple of women suffering from a severe and paralyzing discomfort within the yoni for which their doctors couldn’t find a rational reason. After several sessions every week, they were able to relax from the tensions that afflicted the Yoni.

In reality, every person who comes to get a massage is going through the same process of healing. Through the process of relaxation, heart-centeredness, and focusing on feelings of love, deeper understandings about oneself become apparent. When this inner truth is revealed and exposed, we get the opportunity to examine the aspect of ourselves that requires change. Sometimes, it can be difficult or difficult to confront however it’s an important step in the direction of the inner peace.

The inner work that is the root of transformation
It’s often a negative thought pattern or painful belief an individual has that hinders the flow of energy in a balanced manner that then creates issues in their lives. If you are afflicted by a thought pattern that is not healthy, for instance, when you are thinking negatively about yourself such as “I don’t have enough, I am ugly, I’m in a bad spot, it’s not right and I’ll never be successful” These types of negative thinking patterns will attract negative energy to your body. Once you have addressed the root of these negative thinking patterns and change the negative ones into positive ones then the greater healing process begins.

So, we encourage those who have received a massage to take action based on the experiences they experienced after getting the massage. It is crucial to recognize that to maintain the state of equilibrium that can be felt in our massages, we frequently must exercises with ourselves in order to ensure that the change lasts. The risk is to return to our old ways of living that is the reason for the issue in the beginning. The profound habit of Yoga, especially Hatha yogais an example of something we highly would like to encourage.

Many people are misled into thinking it is something healers do to you, or that it’s coming from outside. Once it’s over it will be permanent. However, it doesn’t last forever until you alter the mentality that lies at the root of the problem. If you feel healed and healing, it is of paramount importance to take a look at your own self and change the false beliefs or negative mentality, to stop the process of bringing this issue again into your life. This way, you’re creating a path to more inner peace and a equilibrium, and the discussion about spirituality could be truly started.

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© Copyright Tantra. All Rights Reserved.