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Does Tantric Massage Really Improve Your Sexual Life?

Tantric massage is a world-famous practice known for boosting sexual energy as well as emotional health. The tantric massage focuses on stimulating the body’s energy points through massage and breathing techniques, which helps open up vital energy channels and promote relaxation in the body.

Tantric massage also helps increase your self-awareness and improve your physical and emotional connection with your partner.

But does it really helps you improve your sex life? Let’s look at the potential effects of tantric massage on sexual energy in this blog post.

Tantric massage

A tantric massage for women is a type of massage therapy and a bodywork practice to take your sexuality and sex life to a whole new level. With tantric massage, you generally move from simple physical pleasure to a deep and fulfilling sexual journey with your partner, where your sexual energy will nourish you with wellness, vitality and love. And you will notice that the sex itself will become much more satisfying than before.

The connection between tantric massage and sexual energy

Tantric massage can boost your sexual energy, according to many researchers out there. A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that people who got tantric massage felt more satisfied, desired, and functional in their sex lives. Another study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior revealed that tantra massage practices helped increase sexual arousal, orgasm strength, and overall sexual happiness and emotional connection.

Taking your orgasm to the next level

For some people, sex is an instant thrill or a few minutes of pleasure. However, sex is more than what you think —it can give you a lot more. Exploring a few more aspects of sex life can help you become more pleasing, beautiful, exotic, and spiritual at the same time.

With tantric massage, you will have deeper and more profound sexual energy, emotional & spiritual connection, and multiple orgasms which can last for hours. Tantric massage, on the other hand, helps to distribute sexual energy to the entire body, making sex more than just genital pleasure.

How can tantric massage improve your sex life?

The usual sexual technique barely touches the soul. Many women taste a good sex life, but they still hunger for something deeper, something more effortless, joyful and natural. Maybe they have fun, physical pleasure and adventure but not complete bliss, a deep happiness and blooming love. They may feel that there is more to discover with their lover but they don’t know how to find the way.

  • Enhance your body’s sensitivity and awareness.
  • Explore new levels and dimensions of sexual sensations.
  • Experience more nourishing and fulfilling sexual energy in every moment.
  • Feel a deep connection and presence with your partner in every moment of sex.
  • Connect your heart to your body in sex.
  • Become emotionally open in your body in sex.

The final say

By making you feel more energetic, relaxed, and balanced, tantric massage can help you improve your sexual well-being. If you want to feel the same and looking for an experienced masseur in New York, look no further!

If you would like to book a tantric massage appointment or set up a meeting, call or email me: 917–561–6561 or rickmassrick@gmail.com.


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